Still Naive

Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh Baby

That's my very last pregnancy photo, exactly 41wks. What a whirlwind. The hubs and I arrived at the hospital on Sunday morning at 7am for an induction. I was the only person there for a couple of hours which was neat, but soon other women showed up and started having babies-I however was not. Inductions take forever. I felt bad for my mom, she wanted to be there for the whole thing (which was really boring) and just about froze in the room. They started with a little pill called misoprostol which is supposed to dilate and efface the cervix. It didn't. I did however start having contractions, not bad but uncomfortable. After having the miso pill they can't start the pitocin for at least 6 hours so you just have to sit and wait. They tell you to try and sleep but that's a big joke. I got a couple of episodes of some weight loss show in on Discovery Health and my mom brought me a video. By 4p the contractions really sucked. I would have 3 right on top of one another and then 4 minutes of down time. I was only dilated 2cm which is sucky progress.

Finally after whining the hubs asked the nurse for pain medication and my good friend the epidural was administered. Once in the dilation sped up and pitocin was administered. Unfortunately I got what was called a "hot spot" this is when the epidural shifts and you have a small area that is no longer numb. My area was right above my left pelvic bone and every contraction was intensified to that one spot. There is really nothing they can do. Luckily it happened about 45min before delivery so I didn't have to suffer longer. My doctor who is absolutely awesome told the nurses to up the epidural in an effort to numb the hot spot. Guess he doesn't like to see pregnant women cry. By 10:37p and only 7 mins of pushing Aiden was forced into the world. He weighed in at respectable 7lbs 13oz and was 19.5in long. Full head of hair (and yes a round head thank god). This pregnancy and delivery were much easier than HP's. I'm guessing second time is a little easier and it helps if you're actually close to the due date.

This is my totally awesome OB Dr. Boulting after the delivery.
Hunter with his new baby brother.

I happened to catch Aiden smiling (5 days old).

Recovery has been a lot easier this time too. You learn a lot from the first baby too. Like, I don't care how bad my boobs hurt I refuse to wake up Aiden. Right now he's sleeping for 3 to 4 hours at a time and I'd like to keep it that way. They tell you in the hospital to wake them up every 2 hours and nurse. Whateva! He's gained 8 oz in 3 days so I'm thinking he's doing all right. More sleep for mommy makes a much nicer mommy.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm freaking out man!

Here I am. Still pregnant at 40wks and 4days. I swear it looks like my belly is just gonna fall off.

Well all my NSTs (non-stress tests) have come out perfect. Aiden is in no way stressed. He's also got plently of fluid to float in-for such a small space. At my most recent visit to the hospital for the NST the ultrasound tech was super nice and took a couple of 4d photos for me. Unfortunately he has a nano amount of space so his face is really smooshed in the photo. If you squint your eyes it's easier to tell what he looks like.

I had my last pre-natal visit today with Dr. B. Yes that's right I said last. As in if Aiden doesn't kick it into gear by Saturday night then we go in for induction on Sunday morning, the 21st. I'll be exactly 41 weeks.

Holy crap I'm gonna have a baby.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

4 Days and counting

For the love of god I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER! I had my 39.5 week checkup today. Guess what? I'm still pregnant. I've had no indication of impending labor, no contractions or other "things" that happen. On Sunday (the 14th my due date) if nothing has happened I have to trek to the hospital for a NST (non-stress test). Basically they hook me up to a couple of machines and monitor me for a few hours to make sure that Aiden is still thriving in womb. If I get to the 21st without having him then I get to "discuss options" with my doctor. He said that the OB society doesn't like pregnancies to progress beyond 41wks. I'm wondering if he's part of that society or if he's just trying to make me feel better.

In other news the nursery is completely done. Here's a couple of pictures:

Yes that's HP sitting in the crib admiring the bird nightlight thingy. I was surprised when I walked in and he was kicked back enjoying the music and chirping birds.

And here's the other side of the room. All I need now is a baby to complete look.

I also borrowed a Boppy from a friend and made a super cute super soft fleece slipcover for it. It has little horses, cacti and cowboys.

This is it finished

And a close up of the fabric pattern

That's all for now. Sorry I've missed so much knitting group. I have to admit I'm a little afraid to drive farther than 20mins from the house. God only knows I'd go into labor not be able to make to the hospital in time-I'll end up having the kid in the car, then I'll have to change his name from Aiden to Mitsubishi or Ford. Maybe Explorer instead of Ford depending on which car I get stuck in.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Well a little late but whatever. The Friday before Christmas we decided to take HP Ice Skating. Expeditions like these are really hit and miss, especially with the fact that HP doesn't like to get dirty. Steve laced up some little skates on his feet and they ventured out to the ice. I stayed in the semi-warmth and took pictures. It ends up that HP LOVES to ice skate, steves excited and can't wait to strap some roller blades on the tykes feet and teach him roller hockey

Here is his first round on the ice.

Here is HP crying after Steve decided to skate one round on his own (to straighten out his back) and yes that brown smudge in the bottom left corner is my belly.

Here's their second go round, this time HP had no problems dashing out to the ice.

Happy little skater

And finally to get him off the ice (before Steve stroked out) the celebratory popcorn.

After skating for an hour, Steve took HP to the adjacent rink to watch some guys playing hockey, which HP loved. I would just like to state right now that I refuse to move where it snows. I don't mind visiting but no moving. I hate the cold. Plus I think HP has a nasty cold now from the rink, could either be that he dropped his blankie on the super disgusting floor and we didn't have a spare or from the super cold rink to the 85 degree weather outside. Either way it's no fun.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

5 weeks and counting (32 days to be exact)

Well I'm still pregnant at 35 weeks. That's good in my book. I did have some horrible back pain on Sunday which made me miss the knitting christmas party :( I don't think it was contractions. More likely I pulled a muscle while trying to scrub the grout in the shower. I'm not swelling (woo hoo!) so we may be out of the woods for Preeclampsia. I'm still crossing fingers and knocking on wood tho. HP was born exactly at 5wks because I had preeclampsia with him.

Of course now I'll probably be miserable and go past my due date thus landing me with having a 9 or 10lb baby. I still don't think I'll make it the full 40wks. I have a (painful) feeling in my pelvic region, my assumption is that Aiden has dropped. It's getting a lot harder to breathe and now when he kicks it hurts. No longer pleasant. But really I'm not complaining I want him to stay in as long as possible. We had a trying time with HP's hearing, asthma and jaundice due to being 5wks early I just as soon not repeat that. I should have pictures soon maybe tonight.

Steve is accompanying me to Kobe's for the Gurls Who Purl christmas. Yummy! In other news, HP just fell off the ottoman and is begging me to kiss his knee.

"Mommmmmmeeeee, it hurt my knee. Kiss it, peas peas peas peas". Duty calls I must go and attend to the injured.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just call me "Sucker"

So I was not real happy with the kitchen we bought from ToysRUs. Soooo I took it back and bought one from Sam's instead. It's way more than I wanted to spend and it's nicer than my real kitchen. Oh well. You're only 3 once.

Thank god they didn't carry this one:

I'd have a hard time explaining to Steve why we need to add onto our existing house for a play kitchen.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sexist Remarks

Ok so we did some major damage at the Super Target last night. We bought a buttload of christmas prezzies for HP. My major weakness is the dollar bins, I love them. Well this week the have pretend food for kids. I bought $15 then Steve made me stop (party pooper) before I bought it all. Only problem is that HP doesn't have a play kitchen. My mission tonight was to go to BJ's and buy a play kitchen (oh and the new collapsible rubbermaid storage containers, btw they rock!). The kitchen at BJ's was HUGE and almost $200. About $100 more than I want to spend. Plus I don't think a pretend kitchen should be better than my real kitchen.

Somehow I managed to get Steve to trek over to Toys R Us. They only had 3 options. The same really expensive kitchen, a grill lookin' kitchen and then a Cook N Clean kitchen set. There was a woman looking at the same kitchens. She mentions that her daughter wants a pink kitchen and she looked miffed that all the kitchen sets were neutral colors. Steve pipes up and says "Yeah we're looking for a kitchen for our 3 year old son". She gets a really shocked looked on her face and says "Oh well I think you should get him the grill and cook, it would be great for a boy".

Okay people currently I'm 8 months pregnant and really hormonal. I snapped back that I didn't ask for her opinion and boys can cook too. She left rather suddenly. We got the Cook n Clean set, it comes with an iron and built in washer/dryer.

Seriously what is wrong with people? Do they not watch TV? Some of the best Chefs are MEN. Hell's Kitchen is one of my favorite reality shows and I would do naughty things to "Good Eats" Alton Brown. I'm still miffed, I really shouldn't be but golly. We already bought the kitchen but my mom said that Kmart has a smaller one for half the price we paid. I just might go and check it out, as I saw online that they have working- with water and everything washer for only $25.

Super cool. The way I figure the more "real" stuff I can get him to do the less work I'll have to do around the house. He's already pretty good with the swiffer and knows the right settings for the dishwasher. Not only that but he likes to be paid in fruit snacks.